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The Importance of Ecosystem for Cloud Native Solutions

The Importance of Ecosystem for Cloud Native Solutions

October 25, 2022 | Alan McGinlay

If you’ve worked with cloud native or DevOps technologies, you’ll know that the ecosystem is huge.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of solutions are available.  And with automation being a key aspect to DevOps and cloud native, integrations between these solutions are paramount for DevOps and cloud native developers.

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One such solution in this space is open-source cert-manager, the world’s de facto standard open-source solution for managing X.509 certificates in Kubernetes environments. With over 1.5 million downloads a day, many Kubernetes applications depend on it for managing TLS certificates in their applications.

The team that invented cert-manager is a part of Venafi and continues to be the primary contributor and maintainer of cert-manager. In 2020, we donated it to CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) to ensure its continued widespread adoption, by both users and ecosystem alike. 

This team is also behind the development of Venafi Jetstack Secure which includes an enterprise-hardened version of cert-manager along with a number of machine identity management capabilities needed to manage Kubernetes machine identities on an enterprise-basis.

We are excited to see the number of third parties who work to ensure that their solutions are compatible and complementary of cert-manager.

These solutions exhibit tight integration with cert-manager:

These solutions assert compatibility with cert-manager:

cert-manager also supports these external Issuers:

This approach compliments Venafi’s approach to ecosystem, in that we have the broadest ecosystem for machine identity management covering everything from metal and datacenter to cloud native and DevOps.

If there’s something that you feel should be on these lists but is not, then please reach out to us for further discussion.


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